Real Estate Advisors

MJTX Global Advisors shares its knowledge of global real estate investment and development with a select international client base. For over three decades, the company directors have assisted investors and developers in acquisition and building projects throughout North America where the MJTX Global Advisors offices are located and continue to advise on holdings internationally. The company assists its clients in identifying primary and alternative project financing just as it assists in identifying and evaluating investment opportunities in a wide range of locations. These endeavors include work in established markets such as capital and major cities as well as emerging regions.


Design and Construction Management

MJTX Global Advisors provides management expertise to stakeholders in a variety of industries including education, hospitality, multi-family residential, transportation, infrastructure, environmental, commercial, health care and cultural sectors. Projects MJTX Global Advisors manages through planning, design, construction, and commissioning are highly recognized by the architectural, construction, real estate, and land use communities and by the governmental entities they reside in.  Innovative approaches on building projects have enabled consistent deliveries of quality programs from inception to occupancy. Through innovation and efficiency, MJTX Global Advisors meets and sustains objectives, routinely improving on scheduling constraints, budget parameters, and overall expectations. Working through long standing relationships with some of the world’s most prominent construction, engineering, and technology companies, MJTX Global Advisors offers the leadership to comprehensively advise, manage, and complete challenging initiatives that realize their desired results and effects.  


Representative Companies

MJTX Global Advisors provides exclusive representation for several companies doing business in the Middle East. Experts in their fields, these companies provide added value to government entities and private corporations in nano-technology, security, and the oil and gas industry with cutting-edge products and services.