MJTX | Global Advisors Incorporated

Who We Are

MJTX Global Advisors is a privately held advisory services company providing insight and access to the world’s finest professionals in the development, project management, architecture, urban planning, engineering, construction, and specialty real estate services. 

Led by highly skilled professionals with decades of individual experience, the firm provides services to national leaders and high-level corporate executives with both real estate advisory services and design and construction management services, MJTX Global Advisors works with its clients to understand their goals and then finds ways to find success.

The path toward success flows through relationships, and the company, founded on trust and commitment, continues to build on the twin cornerstones of integrity and excellence. MJTX Global Advisors was formed by its principals to provide extremely broad based services to a wide range of clients and users in project creation and corporate needs. This frequently means bringing new entities to the table and forging new avenues toward a destination. The company integrates the skills and experiences of its entire organization as well as a multitude of external experts sharing vision and commitment.


Our Corporate Identity

MJTX Global Advisors was originally formed as an international arm to Martinez+Johnson Architecture, PC. M+J was formed over 20 years ago as a national firm specializing in projects involving the entertainment sector, but soon took on a larger role of creating iconic buildings that became focal points of communities. As such, these structures created a sense of pride and cultural awareness to the areas that they have served.

M+J soon grew into an international firm with projects being developed on three continents. As M+J grew, so did its mission and structure. Soon M+J became involved in assisting its clients in developing, designing, and assisting in the management strategies for several projects.

In early 2016, the senior management of M+J decided to create MJTX Global Advisors as a separate entity to enhance and support the mission of continuing the work of the development, design, and management of projects internationally.

In a very short time MJTX has expanded its role into other areas that both complement and strategically bring the company into compatible markets that not only benefit our clients, but also expand the reach of the company into areas unimagined at its inception.