Kaohsiung Maritime Cultural Arts District Masterplan

Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Located at the point where the Love River flows into the harbor, and in close proximity to the city’s commercial and industrial cores, the project has the potential to act as a unifying element within the existing urban fabric, reinforcing Kaohsiung’s status as a leading maritime capital. The project was designed a venue intertwining the Kaohsiung City Government’s request for both commercial and entertainment functions, shaping the industry and coastline of southern Taiwan.

The project was envisioned as a campus of buildings and public spaces activating the entire site while allowing for future development. The outdoor performance area is located at the focal point between the river and the Glory Pier. This great urban plaza becomes a center for daily recreation and leisure, as well as accommodates festival parades and frequent concerts. Anchoring the western corner of the site, the large performance hall is a flexible venue with capacity up to 5,000 people. Live feeds from select converts can be shown on the large-format LCD display screen integrated into the façade.

A landmark tower bridges the Love River, acting as a symbolic gateway to the city. The top levels contain both the permanent exhibit space for the pop music hall of fame and an observation deck with magnificent views of the harbor and beyond. To the east, the maritime center is situated at the water’s edge, adjacent to the land allocated for the future wharf.

Tying the whole project together, an undulating canopy flows along the site, providing abundance shade, protection from rain, and a framework for the installation of PV panels. This evocative structure will become KPOP’s signature element and a symbol of the cultural renaissance of the city of Kaohsiung as a whole.


Owner: Construction Office, Public Works Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government C/o Mr Lee

Size: Est 1,280,00SF

Cost: Est $150M