Maryland Theatre for the Performing Arts

Annapolis, Maryland, USA


Leaders of this Annapolis-based nonprofit have commissioned architectural drawings for a proposed $35M center -a 65,000SF building with a 1,000-seat auditorium. The facility could function as a theater for small Broadway tours and other entertainment, or as a conference center. The building would include multipurpose spaces that could either be used for rehearsals or banquets, meetings and seminars.

This multi-use venue is designed to serve the cultural and performing arts community in and around the city of Annapolis.  

The venue draws from the entire region, as well as Annapolis’ substantial tourist population.  Music, dance, live entertainment, cinematic presentations and local cultural and performing arts groups will be the primary uses and users of the venue, and it is anticipated that the center will also serve the community for conferences and other events. The design aesthetic reflects the exciting and vibrant community that Annapolis has evolved into.

This new 65,000SF venue’s main stage is a 1,000-seat chamber supported by appropriate levels of patron lobbies, rest room facilities, and concessions areas. There are also two smaller rooms designed for theatrical performances.    

Backstage, the venue is designed to accommodate numerous types of presentations and shows. In addition, MJTX working with the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra, the Annapolis Opera, and the Ballet Theatre of Maryland, based on extensive dialogue with each user group, and thus will be designed to incorporate the necessary variable acoustical characteristics for a resident hall. Additional types of programming include contemporary music, dance, and film.


Owner: Maryland Theatre for Performing Arts c/o Jeff Voigt

Completion: TBD

Size: 65,000SF

Cost: $35M