Prince George's Community College Queen Anne Center

Largo, Maryland, USA


Wishing to create a larger, artistic presence in the community, Prince George’s Community College sought out competing designs for either the renovation or re-envisioning of their current performing arts and music facility.

The College’s only performance venue is currently located in a c1968 facility known as Halam Hall. Typical of other venues from this era, it suffers from limitations inherent in the original design including performance issues, operational concerns, and a patron experience that can be improved. The theatre in many ways can be a bridge between the campus community and the surrounding region. Prince George’s Community College wished to create a state of the art facility that could reach the community either through the reuse of Hallam Hall, or the design of an entirely new facility.

MJTX led an interactive, collaborative effort that would typically involve the directors of the OAAC’s programs, the College’s Facilities Management Department, Technology Services, Academy Affairs, Student Services, DGS and the design team. MJTX prepared creative, cost-effective building solutions for consideration by the OAAC group. These design studies took into account all areas of interest as required by the project agreement and as added to the project through discussions. The potential site arrangements of the program elements also recognize the current master plan and consider possible affects the Center may have on that plan. 

Three designs were created, each addressing programmatic and budget concerns in differentiating ways - a renovation scenario, a new facility, and an adaptive 2-in-1 “resource-achievable” solution. 

The three ‘parti’ diagrams use an interior public circulation pathway, or new campus street as an arts incubation gallery; a place where students from every discipline – communications, music, art, drama, film, TV, etc, can interact. This cross-disciplinary collaboration is an essential learning tool in today’s creative environment, where the barriers between the traditional disciplines are broken down, reinterpreted, and exhibited by emerging artists.


Owner: Prince George's Community College c/o Henry L Dickson

Completion: 2018

Size: 170,000SF

Cost: $60M