Planet Hollywood Theatre for the Performing Arts and Showroom

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


At 7,500 seats, the Theatre for the Performing Arts at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino has served as the largest theatrical venue for live entertainment in Las Vegas for over 30 years. The stand-alone structure in the Planet Hollywood Complex was in need of refurbishment when MJTX was retained.

Of special concern to the new operators of the TPA venue was the challenge of using the large house for smaller acts. The primary challenge in this exercise was the need to outfit the theatre with a system of flexible “partitioning” in order to reduce the number of seats in the audience chamber quickly from +7,000 to between 3,200 and 3,500. This concept was considered by the previous operators of the theatre but was abandoned due to the technical and structural difficulties encountered in trying to creatively and effectively execute such a reduction. Although the current space was a finished theatre with the generous dimensions and spatial qualities, the venue was outdated and showing signs of wear in its’ public lobbies and front-of-house areas.

The new design transforms the “house” both spatially and visually and the experience for its patrons and performers alike are radically altered from the overly large presentation platform. The lack of flexibility in the size of the venue and the seating configuration was addressed by creating designs for a $2M fabric mesh partition. Multi-layered walls of fabric mesh partitions, decoratively lit from the front follow the existing circular ceiling soffit, creating an architecturally integrated room divider in the existing theatre. Thus patrons entering the theatre in its modified form find a space that feels natural in its layout and compatible with the dome above the audience chamber. This material was selected to provide the appropriate visual barriers to reduce the apparent size of the room but to leave the ventilation and acoustical characteristics of the space unchanged. To carry the weight of the curtains, the building’s supporting infrastructure needed to be reconfigured. By raising or lowering the fabric mesh curtains, the house can be physically adapted to suit a 7,500-seat performance or a more intimate 3,000-seat hall, with no loss of the acoustics.

In the same complex, a 1,500-seat Showroom was designedwhile providing operators with maximum seating configuration flexibility. Re-configuring an empty facility as a flexible, high-quality theatre space while allowing the kitchen and main casino floor to remain operational throughout design and construction was up utmost importance.

The state-of-the-art Showroom was designed with the addition of a new stage area, a modified fly tower, raked orchestra searing, tiered parterre level searing, and tiered balcony level seating. Utilizing experience with Broadway-style shows, the space was developed with the capacity for extended runs of larger productions typical of Las Vegas performances. The house has the ability to transform dramatically in both appearance and performance capabilities in order to meet the requirements of other types of productions. Raked seating was modified to large tiered platform area with cabaret style tables and chairs, and extended walkways installed.


Owner: Base Entertainment c/o Lauren Reid, COO

Completion: 2008

Size: 220,000SF

Cost: $36.5M